I lique roc

Imaginate m'hijo

April 3, 2019

(cántese como si fuese escrito en español)

I speak english, I like rock.
I’ve never learned another language.
I like rock. I love rock. I study english.
I study english in a blue blue book.

My dog doesn’t speak english.
He justs knows how to bark and bark.
And my cat doesn’t even,
even, even, even, even, even, even, even do so.

I’ve got a doubt. I don’t remember well,
if the country where I live,
is England or The United States,
or maybe I’m only an Australian native.

But no. But no. I don’t think so,
because they, they don’t speak, speak, speak
speak english. They don’t speak english and I do.

I like rock. I like english.
Because it justs, justs expresses what I feel.
Because it’s the real reflection of my feelings.

Sometimes words aren’t enough baby.
I love you and I’m trying to find out
the way to let you know. I love you, I love you.
I repeat it again and again and I’m not satisfied.
Because that’s not exactly what I would like to tell you.